Our Story

Who We Are

Radio Khushkhabri is a first International Radio Channel for the Asian Christian Community. It is a live Radio Channel, which broadcasts via SKY Digital Satellite Channel 0151 24 x7 in four different languages in Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and English. There is a worldwide audience; we reach out to Asian communities in North America, Central America, Canada, the Caribbean, as well as South East Asia. Online Radio, Radio khushkhabri, 24×7 Radio, christian Radio

Many lives are being transformed through the powerful Gospel message, testimonies, Songs and through music transmitted from Radio Khushkhabri. Since its launch a lot of listeners have been healed from diseases having been prayed for on air. A significant portion of the audience is youth and children as a direct result of seeing the impressive changes in their parents. The non- Christian or so called Nominal Christian have also had a wake-up cell. There are many testimonies from people that now they are having cell meetings in their homes during the radio broadcasting.

We at Radio Khushkhabri would like to appeal to the Church leaders, the Bishops, the Pastors, Evangelists and the Ministers of the Gospel to help us to spread the good News in all over the world. We pray that through God and your prayers this radio ministry will be the instrument in bringing hope to the lost, millions who may never have heard that the Jesus Christ delivers, heals and saves us!

Yours in Christ


Mr. Younes Masih


Mrs. Parveen Masih